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4 reasons why you need to invest in Ecommerce Website Design 

Website design does not only refer to the font, images and style you choose for your website but also, the usability, navigation and page speed. These are only some of the important elements that sit under the umbrella of Ecommerce Website Design. Many businesses do not bother putting any effort or invest in a good web design, creating it generic and weak, claiming it as “unnecessary”. This is far from the truth. Website Design is an important key feature of your business, your online presence and is a massive on-page seo ranking factor. We have come up with 4 of the many important reasons as to why investing in website design is extremely important for the sake of your business. 

First impressions are everything

When a consumer first clicks on your website, it only takes a visitor seconds to form an impression of your brand and  they have high expectations. They will judge your business from presentation and layout to information and accessibility, which are all important key features to a successful site. If consumers visit your site and are met with generic, outdated and unappealing content, that will cause your website to perform negativity. Web design impacts how your audience perceives your brand and whether they can trust your business to provide them with the products or services they are searching for. A good web design helps keep traffic and leads on your page and can motivate that call to action through creative content. 

It is important for your website design to be customer orientated from the very start of the home page to give your brand a good reputation with your potential customers. 75% of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on visual design alone, so making the visual content, creative and customer orientated could be the make or break for your brand’s  impression and reputation with your consumers. 

It aids your SEO strategy

Ecommerce Website Design elements are not only measured and judged by consumers but search engines as well. Search engines will monitor the content, layout and structure of your website and will make a decision on whether your website is good enough to receive a better ranking than other websites. This then negatively impacts your SEO strategy and organic performance. Without a positively performing SEO strategy, your ecommerce business will be struggling to compete for any traffic in your industry and can be detrimental to the business you built. So, your website has to not only pass the user-friendly test as well as the SEO-friendly test in order to be an optimal site with good rankings and traffic flow. Without taking these into consideration, your ranks will decline and when your ranks go down, your competitors’ rankings go up, which brings us to our next point.

You’ve got competition

The online world is competitive and no matter what sort of business or services you provide, you’ve got competition. To survive in your industry, you need to stand out and be on top of your competitors. Your competitors may have caught on to the fact that web design is a significant strategy to increase positive performance on their website and taken advantage of this. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, you need uniqueness to stand out, monitoring your competitors and having a website design that contains beneficials elements that your competitors don’t, presented in a unique, user-friendly way is a step in the right direction. It is important to monitor what sort of strategies your competitors are currently using, this helps you identify what your business may need to invest in, in terms of Website design and SEO strategies. Friends close, competitors closer!

Consistency is key

Having a consistent, user-friendly website design, gives your business a better reputation. When building leads or opportunities for potential sales, you want your customers to recognise your brand and get familiar with who you are to generate brand awareness. By using consistent on-page SEO, formatting, fonts and overall design, you’re creating a brand profile for your consumers to form connections with. By building consistency in a professional manner, you’re building your business’s reputation as a trustworthy, reliable website. That way consumers can recall your brand with a positive user experience which then benefits your website. Design chaos or genericness can cause your brand to be unidentifiable to customers, decreasing your rankings and potential traffic to your site.

Your website can make a significant difference between your businesses success and failure. If you’ve noticed your website design is not up to scratch, or your SEO rankings are not performing to your expectations, reach out to us at our local SEO agency, DGreat Solutions and let us know your concerns. Our professional SEO and website design specialists are qualified and can guarantee a better success rate to optimise your website. Give us a call on 1300 955 184 or fill in our free, no obligation quote form.