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Creating a successful link building strategy is imperative when devising a strong SEO strategy. If you’re outlaying money for SEO and not seeing any results, or perhaps your website traffic and search engine rankings are decreasing, it could be as a result of poor-quality links. Good links can bring a vast quantity of traffic to your website directly, boost your Google rankings and can greatly benefit your business.  Links were essentially designed to direct people to pages which may be beneficial for them. No matter how frequently search engine algorithms change, link building is a practice which remains a priority for search engine crawlers. If you incorporate this into your strategy, you will notice a significant increase in positive traffic to your website. After years of implementing SEO tactics, we’ve narrowed down our best tips to help you create the ultimate link building strategy. 


One of the most important things to consider when building a link strategy is that people physically link sites. This means you need to be creating content which provides them with enough value in order to be prompted to share your links.  Research your audience and compile a list of topics which would inform or educate those who may be interested in your niche.  Regardless of whether you’re creating content just for SEO purposes or not, it’s important to spend time creating appealing content. Poor content will not prompt other website owners to share your links and creating good content without link building is virtually useless as it won’t be visible. Research your audience thoroughly and start creating insightful pieces of content.


After researching your audience, you can now begin seeking out websites which you could benefit from having your links shared on. This provides you with the opportunity to boost your content’s visibility using other websites. You may want to begin researching businesses within the same niche as yours and who may have already shared similar links.  Ensure the sites you have selected are reputable and have good domain authority. By having your links shared across sites with low domain authority, this could be detrimental for your website and its rankings.


Your next step should involve sending outreach emails or contacting prospective website owners. If you are sending out emails, ensure to personalise each email and try not to appear as if you are sending the same email to hundreds of other site owners. Be sure to introduce yourself, your business and connect on common grounds. Try to build a relationship where possible and always remain authentic.  You must be convincing and demonstrate how by linking to your website, their audience will obtain great value. Provide examples of some of your previous work and suggest some topic ideas which both of your websites could leverage. Avoid contacting website owners from fields which are polar opposite to yours, you will not benefit from having your links shared across sites where their target audience has no desire to visit your site.


Social media promotion is another link building strategy which often results in success. The more you promote your content, the more likely people are to view it, see value in it and promote it.  Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are great social media platforms to distribute your links and encourage your followers or friends to share them. By using these platforms you can reach a greater audience and perhaps appeal to those who don’t typically fall within your target audience, however value the content you are producing.


Finally, it’s absolutely crucial you keep track of all the links you have been building and to which websites they are distributed across. This continues strengthening your relationship with the site owner and provides you with an opportunity to have your links continuously shared.  You should also check from time to time if your links are still visible. If they are no longer visible, you may want to contact the site owner to understand why this has occurred. Whether you need to simply have the links reshared or perhaps you need to create something new, frequent check-ins means you are staying on top of your link building strategy.

Having a successful link building strategy will greatly impact your SEO. Benefits will include receiving good quality traffic to your website and increased search engine rankings. Taking time out to thoroughly plan your link building strategy is one of the best ways you can achieve great SEO. For assistance creating a link building strategy, contact the team at DGreat Solutions today.