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Facebook ads: What are they and how they can help your business grow

If you’ve never considering investing in Facebook advertising, there’s no better time than now to do your research and potentially invest some of your marketing budget towards them.  At a glance, Facebook ads can seem daunting but the truth is, the process is really quite simple and narrowed down, to better enhance your marketing strategy. As over 40% of the global population is on social media, it makes sense for your business to be utilising a well-planned marketing strategy. With Facebook ads you can reach a widespread audience with the potential to reach 1.9 billion people. So, what exactly are Facebook ads and how can they help your business reach its marketing potential.


We’ve all seen them, those ads that pop up in your news feed and make you think someone is tracking your movements. You’ve visited a website, almost bought a pair of shoes and decided against it, then all of a sudden when you next check Facebook, an ad with those exact shoes appears. Despite what some conspiracy theorists believe, no one is necessarily tracking you, but some websites do track user activity on their website, this information is shared with Facebook which creates various demographics for marketing. Facebook ads are an absolute game changer in the marketing world. Facebook ads are a way for businesses to easily target their desired audience and really narrow down their marketing strategy.  In the digital marketing world, Facebook ads are the best form of advertising a business can invest in.


One of the greatest features of Facebook ads, is the targeting opportunities. Businesses are able to narrow down their audience based on a number of areas such as locations, interests, demographics, connections, languages etc. No other social media platform offers a targeted audience feature quite like Facebook. You can also create lookalike audiences to replicate an audience you have already targeted.  You can even re-target those who have interacted with your website before, by installing a Facebook pixel to your website. This tracks user activity on your website and enables Facebook to target those who were close to purchasing or making an inquiry.


Another impressive feature in the Facebook ads manager is the ability to create ads based around your individual marketing objective, including your budget. Whether you aim to create brand awareness, increase conversions, website clicks or whatever your marketing objective, Facebook can refine your ad to suit your needs.  This benefits businesses greatly as they are able to get the results where they need them most, making the most of their time and money. No matter what your marketing budget is, you can spend as little as $5 and still reach up to 1000 people.  With the correct strategy, your business can maximise their ROI, without excessive spending.


Facebook provides its users with great analytics reporting tool where you can track areas such as impressions, clicks and conversions. You are able to do this by installing the Facebook pixel into your website, which then tracks your visitors and their activity on your website. This helps you to better target your marketing strategy and determine which areas of your website need improving. You can also test various types of ads, targeting different audience groups to determine which ads work better and provide better ROI for your business. Having these tools accessible is highly beneficial for business owners when planning future social media strategies.


Did you know that by having a strong social media presence you can improve your search engine rankings? Facebook ads can drive traffic to your website and search engines will see your frequent activity on the site, providing you with a higher ranking. You can also create a call to action on your Facebook ad which directs your audience right to your site. This is why it’s important to create useful or catchy content which will persuade your audience to visit your page.

In an era highly dominated by social media and social media management, it’s crucial for businesses to utilise advertising on these sites. With 80% of internet users on Facebook, investing in ads on the social platform bring forth a number of benefits for your business. If you’re weary about trying Facebook ads, invest a small amount of money and test it. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with the results and won’t look back!