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How to Design a Website

How to design a professional website? Such a simple question, but one with an incredibly complicated answer. Are we talking about the technical side of things? The functional side? Or simply the overall look and feel of the site? A full answer to each of these facets of the question could easily fill a book. For the purpose of this short post, we are going to be taking professional website design to mean the actual theme or template of a website.

Why is a Theme or Template Important?

Fortunately, this question is much easier to answer. Visit a site such as Amazon or eBay and from the very first glance, you know what type of site it is, and what it is for. There is no need to even read a word of the text as the physical design, template and layout of the site get this message across straight away.

Therefore, if we extrapolate this concept out a little, we could say that it is entirely beneficial if the website design of your company instantly tells people who your company is, and what it does quickly and simply.

What Website Design Template Should Your Business Use?

Obviously, the answer to this particular question is going to depend on each individual company and the types of product and services they sell. It is probably better to give a list of things that any website design template you are considering will need to contain.

The color scheme should fit your company’s brand colors.
The logo and other unique graphics should use your company’s branding.
The overall design and graphics used should fit the types of products and services your company sells.
The design and feel of the website should fit with the main visitor personas you target as sales prospects.

These are the basic considerations when trying to come up with a workable website design. However, the situation is more complicated for firms that want to create a website design that appeals to local customers. In order to demonstrate this more clearly, let’s take a look at some of the ways that site design has been tackled on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Website Design that is Commonly Used in Gold Coast Australia

The Gold Coast of Australia is a good region to use to demonstrate how localised website designs can connect with local people more effectively. Let’s take a step back here and think about the overall image of the Gold Coast. What do you think of first when you think about the Gold Coast? It’s probably something like golden beaches, azure sea, and a hedonistic vacation lifestyle.

If we take a look at websites that target the Gold Coast, what do we find? Many of them will use a backdrop that carries the sun and sand theme forward. Think blue skies, golden sands and more importantly a high-quality lifestyle. And in this last phrase, we find the true way that Gold Coast website design often connects with local residents. By connecting with their visitor’s idea of the Gold Coast. Private boats moored at luxury marinas, great restaurants, and hedonistic nightlife. These website designs connect with the wants and desires of their visitors.

Less About Marketing and More About Psychology

Let’s try and explain the last part of the previous section a little more fully. Why do many people choose to live on the Gold Coast? For many, it is because they see it as a place where they can live, that will improve their lives. Better scenery, more fun, nice weather etc. But there is another reason. For some people, it is all about aspiration. They feel that if they are living the full Gold Coast lifestyle, then they have made it. They are wealthy and affluent.

By designing a website that appeals to both of these sides of the equation, we bring in the possibility of connecting with a very wide range of local residents on the Gold Coast.

To do this, we design a website that instantly fits with both of these customer personas. For the Gold Coast, this means making the website equate to a high-quality lifestyle, surrounded by amazing beaches and blues seas. This is in effect, the brand image of the Gold Coast. Therefore, we develop a localised website that has parity with this brand image, and therefore leverages the psychological effect of connecting with people who are already sold on the Gold Coast band.

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