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How to Improve Google Ranking: A Guide.

Let me just start by saying there is no one way or a definite technique on how to improve google ranking. Having said that, I would also like to further add that to improve site ranking in google search, you must simply follow Google’s guideline(read further down to find Google guidelines). It is very simple, thought through, and straight forward. What i will be sharing with you today is a pragmatic approach on how to improve website ranking on google. I hope you like it and find it useful for your website and hope it brings you lots of money as it has never stopped bringing me :D.

Ok, quickly i’ll like to send a shock wave right straight at you!! You might have researched this fact before or you are simply reading it for the first time. Do you know that 95 percent of organic traffic go straight to the website that seat right on the first position on page one? While other pages fight for the left over 5 percent. Well, i guess that’s good enough reason why you might want to learn how to improve google ranking for your website. Now that i got you all fired up, lets dive right into how to improve website ranking on google.

In this priceless guide, i’ll be covering the following topics:

  1. Learn Google guidelines
  2. Get Rid of Any Existing Penalties
  3. Track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  4. Develop a Mobile-First Strategy
  5. Check your Website Health
  6. Keep on creating helpful contents

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Step #1, Learn Google’s Guidelines – on how to improve organic ranking

If you are going to succeed in any field, you must learn about that field. To be successful as a medical practitioner, you must attend and graduate from a medical school, learn and practice what has been thought you, only then you can be successful. The same logic applies to everything else in life. You can not achieve success in any area of endeavour without going through the learning process. I was speaking to a gentle man who is a prominent business advisor in Adelaide, about search engine

optimisation specialists and how its been highly proliferated. And to my biggest surprise, he went on for almost half an hour giving me examples of young men and women who have come to him for advice on how to choose an SEO specialist or a reputable SEO company. After having bitter experiences with many, he said most business owners have been burnt!! And then he mentioned some search engine optimisation experts has come to hime looking for clients and advice on how to build their SEO agency businesses without adequate knowledge on the same. So it doesn’t really matter if you’re a business owner or an SEO specialist optimist, bigger or veteran, you always need to learn and improve your google guidelines skills and knowledge. For more information on google guidelines from Google, please click here and get yourself familiarised with it. I generally think no one should attempt SEO, or attempt to improve organic ranking of any type without learning the basic fundamentals of organic ranking as laid out by Google.

Every now and then, i have short and long conversation via twitter with John, John is one of google webmaster engineers that can provide you with good answers to any questions you might need an answer for on all things google guidelines.

For example, I was trying to get him to tell me how google crawl and index websites. As i’ve picked up over the years that you may submit 50 pages to google for indexing and could be that only 30 out of 50 pages were indexed. So i thought i’d better throw him a quick question and below was his answer.

My point for showing this is that you can tap SEO knowledge everywhere, and your best chance of improving your organic ranking is by learning from Google themselves. Also, i believe Google make changes to their algorithms everyday and to prove that to you i have taken this image from Neil Patel’s website where it shows how John also confirm that changes are being made everyday.

Step #2, Get Rid of Any Existing Penalties

Making sure your website does not violate Google guidelines is the beginning of wisdom on how to improve your organic ranking. And this wisdom is deeply rooted in learning about Google guidelines. To obey is always better than sacrifice and learning first hand on how things work will help you avoid wasting your money and effort on what doesn’t!! Your website would not be penalised in the first place if you had done the right thing. However, its not too late to change things and turn things around for the best. Improving your site ranking in google search simply means you must be free from Google penalties. If your website is under any of the google penalties listed here, then you need a google penalty recovery service moving forward. 

There are few google penalties out there, prominent ones are:

Penguin Algorithm Penalty
Panda Algorithm Penalty
Fred Algorithm Penalty
Manual Actions

For the sake of this article i am not going too deep on each algorithm, however, you can find more information on the link provided above. I’ll only be  touching a few points on how to avoid those penalties and if you are already caught within it, i’ll being helping you getting read of it.

Penguin Algorithm Penalty

In order to avoid Penguin algorithm penalty by Google, you most certainly first need to understand what this algorithm targets on the website so you don’t do those things. This algorithm date back to April 2012, with one aim only: Website with Bad backlinks. After pageRank was released, everyone went on a high binge on backlink acquisition. This went on for a while as Google was monitoring how webmasters exploit this advantage of having high backlink profile. This period, web owners spent thousands of dollars on purchasing backlinks at all cost. So Google decided to put an end to it by rolling out Penguin.

Avoiding penguin is very simple, stay away from bad backlink acquisitions. Focus your energy on creating helpful contents and marketing them effectively. Avoid buying backlinks from dodgy websites, avoid paying for backlink from gambling websites, stay within your business niche when seeking to guest post for backlinks.

Getting rid of this penalty is now relatively easy as oppose to back in the days when webmasters has no disavow tool to work with. Google has provided us with this tool to help remove those unwanted backlinks that may be damaging our website organic ranking. To use this tool, click on this link to use disavow tool and sign into your webmaster tool.

Panda Algorithm Penalty

Panda algorithm to me is the trickiest of them all!! This particular penalty target websites with low contents and contents aimed at tricking google bot and google’s ranking algorithms to rank them. Now the question is how much content is enough? The truth is; there is not a single definitive answer to this question. However, you may find that their’s minimum requirement as to low you shouldn’t go with your on page content. The snap shot below from Yoast SEO, depict that 300 words is the recommended minimum you should have on a web page.

Fred Algorithm Penalty

This particular algorithm encompasses any minor updates Google carry out. As we have learnt earlier that Google improve on their ranking algorithm everyday. And it’s simply challenging for them to name every algorithm change or update they implement everyday. Therefore, Fred was born, Fred was the name given to any unnamed Google algorithm.

Manual Action Penalty

Manual penalty is always carried out by someone amongst Google’s engineers. If your website has been violating Google’s algorithms and it spike the attention of one of Google’s engineers, then a manual penalty will be applied to your website. As the name suggested, this isn’t an algorithm, this is different, in that soon as you fix what they ask you to fix, everything will return to normal. Generally, they send you a message in your webmaster account.

Step #3 Track your key Performance Indicators(KPIs)

Allow me to start by clarifying the confusion between Key Performance Indicators popularly known as KPIs and SEO Metrics. Well, there shouldn’t be any confusion simply because they mean same things, and in this article we’ll be using the both interchangeably  One of the most important things you need to do to improve your google ranking is to track your SEO metrics. To learn more on important SEO metrics click here. In that article, we dissect the 5 most important SEO metrics to track for all SEO specialists reporting and organic ranking tracking. In order to track your SEO KPIs, you need to have a sound knowledge of what they are. Although there are many SEO metrics you can track to help you improve organic ranking. In this article we’ll only look at a few and you can click on the above link to learn more about the most important metrics to track. The following KPIs are important.

Bounce Rate
Organic Ranking
Backlink Profile
Organic Traffic

Bounce rate is one of the most important factors that may affect your Return on Investment (ROI) reason being that if you have millions of traffic flooding your website and 90% of those traffic simply get on your site and leave without taking any actions. Then all your efforts in bringing those traffics are just futile. The first thing you want to do when with your website is to make sure it is a usable website. This simply means that your website is easy to navigate and it’s user friendly on mobile and desktop.

We have helped businesses achieve higher ROI not by increasing their organic ranking but by reducing their bounce rates. Having a high bounce rate not only means that you are missing out on your potential customers, it’s also sending the wrong signal to Google that you have no interesting content on your website. This will automatically result in Google de-ranking your web pages and giving more preferences to other websites that keep traffic longer on their website. This is a very simply concept to grasp and improve upon immediately.

This part appear to be the most important SEO metrics that business owners/ website owners track the most. And i do agree that it’s important to gage your organic ranking after all that’s what we are all paying for one way or the other. The irony here is that, if you give your priority to improving your google ranking by simply monitoring your organic ranking, you might end up being a highly frustrating individual.

I personally believe backlink is still the backbone of any successful campaign. Even though content may be king, backlink i believe is the throne where your king seat to rule in the world of SEO. I take backlink very seriously. Reason being that 90% of Google penalty comes from a bad backlink profile. 

There are a few great backlink tools out there, however, the one that does it for me is This is a great tool to keep track of your backlink profile and make sure everything is running smooth. One advice is never to outsource your backlink building to people who sends you bulk asking you to sign up for SEO with them. Build a guide and high quality backlink profile and your website will take up without hassle.