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Created with the intent of simplifying the process of selling and purchasing products online, Facebook Shop is a common favourite amongst both business owners and consumers. With many businesses currently struggling and forced to close their physical shopfronts, taking their business online and utilising social media has been their saviour during this difficult period of time. Facebook provides small businesses in particular with a convenient method to do so. Even if you don’t have a website, you can still conveniently sell your products online to consumers via both Facebook and Instagram, as long as you have a Facebook Business Page. Facebook Shop has made the intention of buying and selling, quick and easy. So how can Facebook Shop benefit your business? IDEAL FOR IMPULSE SHOPPERS In the words of Facebook “users can enjoy the experience of shopping, not the chore of buying” and for impulse shoppers, Facebook Shop is the ideal tool to make purchases. Impulse shoppers see a product they find value in and want to make the purchase as quickly as possible, buying right in the moment. Facebook Shop caters perfectly well to this customer base and has proven to work effectively for many businesses. As Facebook Shop is also linked to Instagram, you can easily set up Instagram Shop in the same process. Share an image of a product, tag the items and your audience can easily tap the image to see details of the product. They can then click a direct link which will take them to the product either on your Facebook page or website to make the purchase. The process is simple, fast and makes shopping much more convenient. FREE TO SET UP AND EASY TO USE Another great benefit of Facebook shop is it’s free to set up and incredibly easy to use. There are simple instructions provided by Facebook which assist businesses in setting up their online shops. All you are required to do is choose the products you wish to sell and add them to your online catalogue. Page owners can then customise their shop in order to suit their brand, then link the shop to their eCommerce platform in order to make the purchase or they can purchase directly from Facebook. List all product features of your item and any other important information regarding your business. Facebook Shop replicates a real-life store where you can send messages to the shop and ask questions regarding specific products. Within a few clicks you can create your online store and begin sharing your products with the wider Facebook and Instagram community. SELL YOUR PRODUCTS ONLINE WITHOUT A WEBSITE One of the best features of Facebook Shop is business owners can sell their products online without having a website. If you’re relatively new to the online world and haven’t had the time or money to invest in a good website, you can opt to simply create a Facebook Business page and then utilise the shop feature.  This will work exceptionally well for businesses who have a significant amount of their target market on Facebook already. Once you have added your products online you can easily share them amongst your followers in order to promote them and attract potential buyers. There’s no denying that one of the keys to keeping your business afloat during these uncertain times is to establish an online presence. For newcomers to the online world, creating a Facebook Shop is a great place to start and easily sell to consumers. The introduction of Facebook Shop has assisted business owners across the globe in providing a seamless shopping experience for consumers. Not only does it assist shoppers with their shopping experience, but it also assists business owners in their ability to conveniently sell products to their target market. Facebook Shop is a cost effective, easy to use platform for business owners to sell to consumers with or without owning a website.  If you’re seeking social media assistance, contact the team at DGreat Solutions today to find out how we can help!