Top 5 Important SEO Metrics To Monitor For Guaranteed Ranking Success


[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section” _builder_version=”3.0.47″][et_pb_row admin_label=”row” _builder_version=”3.0.47″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.106″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” background_layout=”light”] Let me start by asking the million dollar question, what is SEO Metrics? Well, there are many ways to define what SEO Metrics are, however, i will give a precise definition and a simple one for that matter. SEO Metrics also known as Key Performance Indicators(KPI) can simply be defined as ways or channels through which search engine optimisation specialists or ordinary DIY business owners measure the SEO success. In other words these are your important indicators that show you if your search engine implementations are performing adequately or you need to tweak things in different direction. As an SEO specialist, most times when we have a prospective client call in in search for organic visibility improvement for their website, the first thing they ask is; We are not getting enough traction, I need my business on top of page one of Google and other search engines, are you able to help me? And most times i could feel the desperation in their voices. Well as much as i understand where they are coming from as a business owner, the truth of the matter is; ranking number one should not be the primary focus in order to achieve success in your organic visibility. At the end of the day, what we all want is to acquire more clients and improve on ROI (for the best SEO deal visit our seo specialist and get seo cost). Now the best approach to any successful campaign should focus primarily on how can i drive more traffic to my website. You see, over the years, Google algorithms have changed. It used to be very easy to put up a website and bam!! your website is all over the place, customers are ringing and life is good, well guess what? Those days are over!! And the earlier search engine optimisers and webmasters get a grip on the reality and work with the card they’ve been dealt, most of them will keep on running into frustrations. Anyways, i’ll stop there and get back to the main subject matter. There are many ways “which include of course rank tracking” to measure your SEO success and that’s what we are going to deal with here today we are going to show you seo metrics to track. I’ll be showing you the most important SEO Metrics to focus on if you truly want to succeed in your campaigns. Even though you might find some digital marketers who would suggest to you that there are 12 SEO metrics etc., all they provide can still be categorise into these 5 major key performance indicators. The first metrics most business owners are interested in looking at is the organic rankings and i believe most seo specialists are always on this one too, so we’ll start from there. 1. Keyword Rankings: An Important SEO Metrics What is Keyword Ranking? First of all, your keywords are those phrases also known as search queries that are typed into Google or other search engines in the attempt to get some sort of information. Some people type in these keywords to find local businesses, look for a particular product or services. Some might simply be looking for information or doing a regular research on a certain topic. Now it depends on whether or not Google deem your web pages to be valuable to those using these keywords as search, that will determine if your web pages will rank and be served to those making the search. It is then imperative to make sure you rank for the right keywords and ensure that those keywords are being monitored as you make changes to your pages. How to track your ranking keywords Tracking your keywords rankings is the only way to understand if your keyword implementation is working or not. Also, it helps you understand where your traffic is coming from. What keyword is working well on what pages. Is it organic search traffic or paid traffic? How is it relevant to the product or services you are providing. We’ll discuss more on organic search traffic as one of the most important SEO metrics to focus on. However, In these section, i’ll be showing you tools i’ve personally used for this SEO metrics. Also, i’ll like to point out that if you are a small business owner and not looking into spending hundreds or dollars every month on SEO tools, then you will benefit from some of the secrets i’ll be sharing here if you choose to read further. Ok, i digress again, lets head back to the topic at hand. There are many tools out there that we use to track keywords, below are top three that i’ve personally used and have been effective. All of which are not free by the way, they all cost about $100 per month depending on the package you subscribe for. SEMRUSH Agency Analytics SEOBility Here is how you monitor your keywords using SEMRUSH. To ensure a successful keyword ranking, you need to have a good strategy around your keywords implementations and tracking. You need to identify your priority keywords and and create appropriate pages or blog posts for them. After creating great contents that is helpful for your readers, then you can be on your way tracking them. Using SEMRUSH, you need to sign up. You can either start as free, you’ll get a month trial after which you’ll be asked to pay your monthly subscription. After sign in, all you then need to do is create your project by clicking the project button as depicted below. After adding your project to your SEMRUSH account, then you can proceed to adding your keywords and competitors. The number one arrow point to how your keywords should be set up under your account. And number two arrow point to your organic ranking which is how you track your keywords. The green arrow pointing upward shows that your organic

How to be the search engine optimisation specialist for your own business

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Most start up businesses today lack adequate funding that could help propel their businesses into the spot light owners desires. The greatest challenge every start up faces is marketing, from funding your marketing campaign both online and offline to setting up the right team that could help bring your business to the right audience. The challenges facing entrepreneurs today sometimes can be very under estimated. The billion dollar question most business owners would be thrilled to answer is; what if you can be your own SEO specialist for the early stage of your start-up? To be your own SEO specialist, you need to be able to manage your schedule to perfection. There are no time for waste, everything you do must be precise and intentional. One of the tragedies of life is to do something perfectly that at the end of the day it shouldn’t be done in the first place. For this reason, every entrepreneur who chose to go DIY must learn the principle of getting things right from the start. Investing your time or money on your website organic visibility must be very well planed from scratch. Most business owners who had to start over with a new domain today didn’t either fully understand what they were doing in terms of the website optimisation or they outsourced to the wrong seo company. Every business owners need to take their online visibility very seriously, by updating their personal knowledge for better results, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your search engine marketing services. From the cost point of view to the experience point of view, you need to be able to know for certainty that you’re making the right decision.   How do i become an SEO specialist? Becoming a master of any field need consistency, focus and dedication. You can not master a field without those three criteria. Becoming a specialist in web optimisation therefore require you to invest a significant amount of time reading up on all Google guidelines. You can start with one of the fundamental tutorials published by Google, click here to learn what you need to do to get an head start on search engine optimisation. The process is time consuming and very challenging as Google ranking factor is very complicated. With over 200 algorithmically ranking factors, you can be sure that you are in for a very long all night studies. Going through the process will help your develop a personalised strategy that work best for your business. You will learn about keyword density and how to optimise your web pages for your money keywords without getting penalised by any of the Google’s algorithm. You’ll also learn how to manoeuvre your way around penguin and panda penalty by learning how to build organic backlink and write Google favourite content. There are few reputable website that provide adequate materials on how to optimise your web pages. Websites such as search engine land, can give you tips on how to structure your meta tags, and focus keywords without calling for a penalty from Google. Also, you need to learn how to submit your website to Google for quick and easy crawling and indexing. Learn your Pay Per Click (PPC) In addition to organic search ranking optimisation, you need to learn your PPC also. This is help facilitate your instant visibility on Google and other search engine you wish to use. Paid inclusion programs may include getting paid listings directories, Google Adwords, etc. These types of online marketing  will direct targeted traffic to your website and increase your link popularity. When people spend time on your website, it give google bot an impression that your website is valuable and it contains good information that your audience finds to be an interesting read, hence, reason they are spending time on your website. You should also deploy a simple strategy of submitting your website to free local directors too. Some of those local directories like Yelp and true local are very well recognised by Google and getting a backlink from them give more weight to your domain. When submitting to these reputable websites, be sure to write a very well written and meaning long and short descriptions that explains what your business is all about and why you do what you do and why prospect should do businesses with you rather than your competitors. Develop a concise strategy for your organic visibility  First rule for 2017 organic visibility; refrain from link exchange schemes and tactics. Your best bet for a steady and long lasting organic ranking would be quality content writing. Create compelling articles from helping other businesses such as yours to teaching unique lessons for the benefit of your readers. By doing so, you will naturally enjoy attention from those who find your contents to be interesting and helpful. They will naturally share your content with other who might be interested or to those who are looking for the type of solutions your content present to their problems. The best way to getting good visibility as far as Google is concerned is by creating great articles. Valuable contents are very difficult to ignore, all you need is one hit and your domain could go viral. Review your backlinks on a daily basis!! There is something called negative SEO. This simply means someone somewhere who doesn’t like the fact that you are ranking higher than him is out to get you. How they do this is by submitting your website to very bad directories and websites such as porn and other malicious, Google flagged websites. You might not have anyone out there to get you, however, it is always wise to conduct backlink audit every now and then just to make sure your website is clean and Google friendly. Last thing i would point out here is to make sure your website is relevant in your local search. Make sure you have a Google place profile and Google plus. Google is becoming more granular and location