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What Makes a Good Website in 2022

We think everyone is very well aware of the importance that websites have on businesses these days. A website is pretty much “The Hub” of your business, meaning all the information a customer should need or want about your organisation, should be right in front of them. Over the years, websites have morphed and developed into what they are today and the priorities of successful, good business websites have altered. When you’re on a website, you don’t really think about whether it’s good or bad, until you can’t find the information you need, the website is too slow or you can’t read a single thing because you’ve got 100 pop ups flying at you at once. These are some of the things that negatively impact a businesses performance. A good website is normally a website you don’t notice at all, because you’ve already found the information you need in the first 3 seconds. So what really makes a good website good? Let’s get into the details. 

Optimized for Mobile

AN ESSENTIAL! Optimizing your website to work efficiently on mobile devices is your first priority. Most of your customers/leads will no doubt be coming from a mobile device and if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, it can seriously decrease their user experience. Especially if your website is ecommerce, customer’s trust in your site can decrease and they are less likely to purchase off a site that isn’t user friendly for their mobile. With Apple Pay being so handy, potential customers can buy your products with the click of a button, so making sure you are specifically optimizing for mobile, is the make or break for that kind of business website. 

User friendly Design and Layout

User friendly experience is absolutely vital for a good website. Therefore website design and layout has to be optimized to ensure that the site itself is simple but specific and is easy to use. There is a lot that goes into the design of a website in terms of visual hierarchy and it is very common to make errors along the way, making a website simple is not as simple as you think. When making a design user friendly, take into consideration the customers intent, the home page and linking EVERYTHING. 

Relevant Backlinks and Internal Links

Links on and to your page help you build authority for the web page itself. This is basically a big green tick from search engines and good backlinks can help your website rank higher on said search engines. This then gives your website more opportunities to generate more traffic. Good links make for a good 2022 website when orchestrated correctly.  

Clear Call to Action

Having easy to access ‘Calls to Action’ on your website is a fantastic and easy way to ensure your website is successful. ‘Call to Action’ refers to giving consumers a direct link to what you want from them. Such as  a “Buy Now” or “Free Quote” button, this helps persuade your customers to take the next step to forming a relationship with your brand. By having a clear ‘Call to Action’ your website is providing a better user experience as well as actively promoting your customers to get involved with your business.


These are just some of the things that make your 2022 website a good website. Never underestimate what a good website can do for your business. If you’re struggling with the optimisation of your website or are in need of someone who can design your website to perform well straight off the bat, get in touch with SEO and website design team of experts here at DGreat Solutions. We specialize in Website design Adelaide and understand how to give your business the website it DESERVES to thrive and perform through the roof. Give us a call on 1300 955 184 or fill out our free quote form here!