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The Case For Business Growth
Do not be deceived, ranking high on Google “alone” doesn’t bring you business, and yea, spending thousands of dollars on Google AdWords doesn’t get you leads either. Read this case study and learn what actually bring in the business.

Complete Tutoring Solutions needed more parents to sign up their kids for Math and English teaching classes with them. They have been with an SEO agency who built them their website and managing their SEO for about 2 years.

The fact that Complete Tutoring Solution has had an unpleasant experience with their previous website design and SEO company simply means anyone who’s going to work with them must be ready to earn their trust.
To ensure we earn their trust, we launched an unprecedented SEO campaign with Google AdWords on their business, targeting those who really need help to improve their children’s grades at school. As there were no prior visitors to the website, we know we had to start from scratch and act fast if we were to yield the best possible results. Before launching our campaign, we created unique landing pages for our targeted keywords and did a thorough CRO on those pages to ensure optimal conversion.

After a month of aggressive campaign that include website click objectives to direct all traffic through to the website, we were able to generate enquiries for the first time in two years through the website.

After three months, we proposed a website redesign, now that our client trust our judgment and ready to increase his revenue, website redesign was a go. After seven months of working with Complete Tutoring Solution, we had to pause our campaigns as his business has been over booked. The last time we checked on him to know how he’s doing, he told us in his own words “we now have roughly 90 clients weekly and also 26 tutors on the books! Crazy!!” he said!!

Rite Price Roofing is a great roofing company, they have been in the industry for decades helping South Australian home owners restore their roofs and build new ones. With such extensive experience in the industry and wealth of referrals, they have no problem getting traffic on to their website. Their challenge, however, was converting new traffic to sale. In order to keep the business running, Rite Price needed to start converting new traffic and they urgently needed it.

Our first approach was to audit the website to get facts. We then proceed to analyzing the data collected from the website audit just so we can have a plan that would help them convert their traffics into sales. After our analysis, we immediately realised that their website wasn’t compelling people to do business with them. We devised a comprehensive and highly conversion rate optimised focused web design for them.

We devised a comprehensive and highly conversion rate optimised focused web design for them.
We came up with a comprehensive website design plan that was optimises to increase their conversion rate.
In the space of 48 hours after we went live with our newly designed and developed website for Rite Price Roofing, leads started flowing in and phone wouldn’t stop ringing. The first month, website conversion had increased by 70%. Bounce rate dropped from 68.88% to 12.85%.

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When you choose DGreat Solutions, you’re in the right hands, we are result oriented company that won’t let you down.
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I have been so impressed with this business and how quickly they communicate and get the job done. After a really poor experience with another business, DGreat have been so helpful and understanding as to what i was after. Couldn’t be happier!!

Paul Canala Director, Complete Tutoring Solution
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Most agencies have it wrong! They focus on clicks and traffic, but you can’t take those to the bank. We are an ROI and performance driven agency, we don’t only rank you, we bring in the leads, calls and businesses for you.
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