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If you’re on the quest to boost your search engine rankings and can’t seem to hit the first page for your desired keywords or phrases, you might be missing out on a few key SEO techniques. Did you know  0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the second page. This means you must put in the work to ensure your page is ranked on the first page and is actually viewed by your target audience. We’ve collated some additional strategies you can implement, which will greatly enhance your SEO and have you boosting your rankings. Eliminate duplicate content One of the best things you can do in order to enhance your SEO is to check your website for duplicate content. You must keep the content on your website, including your title tags, meta tags and image alt text, unique. In fact, Google actually states website owners must avoid creating duplicate or similar content throughout your website. Filter through your website and keep a lookout for content which sounds too similar or replicated and make appropriate changes. Conduct research on your competitors Competitor research is vital! One of the core objectives of SEO is to outrank your competition. It makes sense to analyse your competitors and look at what they’re doing in order to rank. This will help you to understand exactly which keywords to target and incorporate into your SEO strategy. You can also determine the type of content you should be creating. Look at the topics your competitors are writing, how frequently they are writing and the length of their content.  You should also take note of their backlinks to understand the type of backlinks you should be incorporating into your own strategy. Start guest blogging If you aren’t already guest blogging, you should certainly incorporate this into your SEO strategy. Guest blogging helps to boost your credibility and builds up your off-page backlinks. Submitting your content to good blogging sites to be published is one of the most effective ways to obtain high quality backlinks. Search for blogs which are relevant to your niche and check to see if their website accepts submissions. This is an effective way to increase your rankings on search engines. Build up your internal links Internal links are essentially links within a page on your website which link to another relevant page on your website. They assist visitors with navigating your website and assist Googlebots in finding content within your site which is relevant and worth ranking. It’s important to analyse the pages of your website and determine which pages you deem to be the most relevant. These are the pages you should be investing more time into building internal links for. Ensure your website is crawlable To enhance your SEO you must ensure your website is crawlable. The aim is to have a ‘bot-friendly’ website which can easily be filtered by search engine robots who determine whether or not your content is valuable for searchers. One of the top tips we would recommend is making sure your website has an XML sitemap. The XML sitemap is essentially a map which leads Google bots to all of the important pages on your website. They are necessary for all websites and will determine your rankings. Search engine optimisation is powerful and if executed correctly, can attract a significant number of searchers to your website.  Remember to follow Google’s SEO guidelines and always aim to create unique content which is informative for your target audience. Analyse your competition and devise a strategy which will ultimately have you outranking all your key industry competitors. For assistance with your SEO strategy, contact us today at DGreat Solutions.