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If you’re struggling to consistently create good quality, informative content on your social media accounts, the live feature may be your solution. Going live is essentially a live stream video where you can film yourself in real time and communicate with your audience. There are a number of benefits you can obtain by using the live feature and it’s a great way to relate with your audience and reveal the face behind the brand. The live feature is most popular on Facebook and Instagram with more and more businesses utilising the feature as it provides a fast way to communicate with your audience and alert them when you have new announcements.


One of the biggest advantages Facebook Live provides is that you can stream yourself instantly and discuss important topics, without needing to create content or postediting. We spend a significant amount of time planning and creating content in order for it to be flawless for our viewers. With Facebook Live, there’s no chance to refilm what you’re discussing even if you make an error. It’s raw and real and you’ll find your audience will appreciate its authenticity.

Another great benefit is your audience can ask you questions whilst you are streaming. This drives higher engagement levels as the audience can see you are active and know if they ask questions throughout your live stream, they will have a fast response. 

When you use the live feature, you have the ability to demonstrate your knowledge in your field, your audience can watch as you answer a number of questions and show your level of expertise. Not only will you demonstrate your expertise, but you can actually show your audience who you are and what you stand for. If you audience can physically see you and hear you, they are more likely to trust you and your brand.


Although Facebook Live is a live streaming feature, you can still take steps to prepare so you can feel confident when going live. You don’t have to prepare an entire speech to read out to your audience, however it’s a good idea to take notes and have somewhat of an agenda do discuss. Remember you can’t edit the video once it has been streamed so planning to some extent would benefit you greatly.

Think of content ideas which would be relevant to your industry. You could use live streaming as an opportunity to show behind the scenes of your workplace, introduce your team or share a preview of upcoming business ventures i.e. new stock or products.  You can also use Facebook Live as an opportunity to answer any frequently asked questions you may receive and potentially ask your audience questions which could help develop your business.  Above all, ensure you have a stable internet connection, so your video doesn’t drop out or disconnect whilst you are live. Complete a test run of your microphone and video to ensure you can be heard and seen clearly.


Lastly, communicate to your audience when you will be going live! If your audience are aware of when you will be speaking on Facebook Live, they will be more likely to tune in and listen to what you have to discuss. You can promote this across your social platforms or send out emails. This would be especially useful if you are releasing new products or services and are planning to discuss them via live stream.  Be conscious of the times you decide to go live, it’s best to go live outside of standard office hours so your audience actually have time to watch your video.

Facebook Live is a beneficial tool which business owners can use as another method of fast and convenient content creation. If you’re looking to build your brand and reach your audience on a more personal level, getting in touch with DGreat Solutions is the ideal way to do so.